Saturday, July 10, 2010

Say what?!

I've made the switch to Chrome from Firefox and I love it already. The real test will come when I start having multiple tabs PLUS WoW plus Netflix or Hulu open because that seems to be how I crashed Firefox a lot. Time will tell ;D

I've also gone through and taken all of these comics, which are drawn and (recently) colored by hand, and organized them in a binder. Rest assured the originals are intact thanks to plastic sleeves, but now it feels like I actually have an artist's portfolio as I've also included my recent artwork unrelated to the comic. It's nice though, having it all organized and protected, especially since none of it is in a journal or bound paper. Yay looseleaf. I also like how cardstock is working. It's nice and stiff (hahah), doesn't wrinkle easily, and can hold up if I feel like playing with watercolor.

For those that are interested, the color in these comics has all been done with water color pencils, I just haven't added water. But I like how the color looks on the page compared to crayola colored pencils (I'm too cheap to have anything more expensive than that).'

In terms of the comic, I'm sure all raid groups and guilds have a language that seems to be all their own. Sure there might be crossover of terms, but these are what Winter Wolves raiders use most. Our fall back language that every new recruit comes to learn, know, love and abuse extensively. There is, of course, potential for expansion.

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