Friday, July 16, 2010

Guest Comic!

This lovely comic is created by Vayl, who I think wouldn't want me to put his real name out on the internets so unless he tells me otherwise, I will respectfully not do (Screw you, RealID)

Anyway, he asked if I would be willing to have a guest contribute, and I don't see why not, lots of other people do that and I'm a lemming like that. Not that lemmings randomly jump off the edges of cliffs into the sea, that's a wonderful urban myth/legend Biological fact of the day for you. Of course it doesn't stop the phrase from being widely popular and used.

Irregardless (or Regardless, they mean the same thing so my husband will tell you), it's not a bad thing. And it means I can stock up on comics so that I post fairly regularly without much effort. It's a devious plot.

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