Friday, April 1, 2011

Maloriak and a big congrats!

In true Winter Wolves fashion, pulling a random, "Our act is together" moment out of our behinds, we started work on the Ascendent Council and managed to kill them in one night This is huge. This is so much better than we've had things going for a while. I really really want it to continue. It feels like we have the old raid back again.

I, personally, would like to credit the addition of new players and some... *coughsleavingscoughs* of old. You know those people who just get your raid down? We had one leave. Tuesday was full of joyous celebration. It was great.

Plus we have more women in the raid now, which is both amusing and awesome because it definitely changes the dynamic, especially when we're all talking. That's a topic for another comic.

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