Friday, June 25, 2010

A Pause in Your Regular Programming

I just realized I haven't made a Part 2 for Arthas. I'll work on that tomorrow. In the meantime, have the Cliff Notes version of a raid of Mount Hyjal at Level 80+. It was kind of a joke though the trash was still annoying.

And there are more gorillas.

Since we last left our heroes, your intrepid author/artist has acquired a much niftier mouse, been blamed for many MANY wipes, imbibed much alcohol and ignored lots of complaints about the frequency of her updates on this blog. Bite me.

In other news, I'm going diving this weekend! So excited! We'll be hitting up Ginnie Springs and Paradise Springs in Northernish Florida.

Also, Real ID has hit the stores, yo. If you happen to wish to talk to me while I play WoW, add me at amye (dot) mckenna (at) gmail (dot) com . I like thinking I really have friends.

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